I am a trained EMDR therapist as well as practice trauma informed art therapy. I believe in facing our traumas so they no longer have power over us today. 

What is trauma? For some people it’s a big event: a car accident, the loss of a loved one, for others it looks like the little every day moments that don’t get talked about, that you’re figuring out now aren’t normal. It’s something that’s preventing you from moving forward, happy, healthy, and excited about your future.


Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, yes that is really the name. No wonder we shorten it to EMDR! This is an incredible brain based therapy that sounds crazy, but I promise ignites some pretty incredible healing. 


Art Therapy is unique. It is a way of working when sometimes there are no words for what is happening. For example, our trauma is stored in the right side of our brain. This is also the side of the brain that holds our visual processing. Sometimes things can come out in the art that we just don't have words for. 


Anxiety looks different for everyone but there are key parts of it that may feel like it’s taking over your day. It may seem like you can’t focus at work or school, that you feel like you’re spending more time trying to feel and act normal so other people don’t notice that you’re just not present because the worry has taken over. 


It’s not always sweatpants and Netflix, it’s feeling foggy and not engaged. You’re not excited and you feel numb. You do the things you’re expected to do, but you’re not taking care of yourself, your sleep schedule is off, you’re in a funk that feels like it doesn’t end.


Community art is my passion. Coming together to create a commonality of art can be so powerful. I believe this is espeically true for teens who are developmentally focused on peer relationships. Growing a healthy community is key. 


I hold individual sessions for all ages as well as specific groups. I hold parent groups on various topics. I hold teen groups based on current needs. Topics include: healthy relationships, trauma, anger and much more. 


Healthy relationships start young. We teach our children, we learn from the adults around us. I am especially passionate about teen dating relationships and building healthy relationships from the beginning.